Learn how to craft journeys that take your customers from first touch
point to brand advocates.

13 October, 2015 |
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01 September, 2015 | Salesforce
Think about everything that happens to your customer over their lifecycle with your company. The customer journey from first touch point through to brand advocate is a chasm of complexity covering...
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10 August, 2015 | Marketing Automation
Cold calling doesn’t work too well with complex sales for a few reasons. First, you have to get lucky - calling a prospect who actually cares about the problem you’re trying to solve at the moment you’ve contacted them. Second, you have to educate them - around who you are, the problem they have and how you’re uniquely positioned to help them solve it. Third, you have limited time - they didn’t ask for the call, and understanding your complex proposition probably isn’t on their list of priorities that day.
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22 July, 2015 | Sales Performance
Far too many businesses come up with an idea for a new product or service and just go for it. By the time they realise the market they thought there was doesn't exist, they've already blown six figures on product development (ouch!).
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09 June, 2015 | Sales Performance
Many B2B companies use packages to group sets of product or service features into fixed-price offerings. Done well, packages have the potential to create a smooth and clear buying experience while reducing the need for sales to come up with bespoke proposals. However, many enterprises take a company-led versus customer-led approach, designing packages based on what is profitable and convenient for the company to offer versus what will resonate with the customer.
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