Sales Performance

Discover strategies to develop a high-performance B2B sales team.

25 May, 2016 | Sales Performance
Think about a time you were buying a complex, high value solution. It could be in a B2B context or possibly a major consumer purchase like a brand new home, spa pool or home theatre system. Now think about why you chose to buy. As you walk back through your sales experience in your mind, can you pinpoint what it was that influenced you?
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22 July, 2015 | Sales Performance
Far too many businesses come up with an idea for a new product or service and just go for it. By the time they realise the market they thought there was doesn't exist, they've already blown six figures on product development (ouch!).
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09 June, 2015 | Sales Performance
Many B2B companies use packages to group sets of product or service features into fixed-price offerings. Done well, packages have the potential to create a smooth and clear buying experience while reducing the need for sales to come up with bespoke proposals. However, many enterprises take a company-led versus customer-led approach, designing packages based on what is profitable and convenient for the company to offer versus what will resonate with the customer.
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