Salesforce Winter '19 Release Review, by Tara Ogle

19 November, 2018


My favourite thing about Salesforce is the commitment to delivering innovation to their customers three times a year. Salesforce continues to develop the lightning interface with epic features, making it even more convincing for Classic users to make the switch. Winter '19 is jammed packed with new lightning features so hopefully, you’ve had a chance to try out some of the new features.

Because there is a lot to take in, I have created a list of my top ten new lightning features:


List view search 

There is now a list view search bar that allows you to search field data in your list views so you can find what you need, fast. It even searches fields that are not displayed in your list view.


Reports and dashboards quick search 

You can now search through reports, dashboards and report folders in list view, as opposed to the global search bar.


Share list views

This is a Classic feature that has finally been made available in Lightning which will supercharge collaboration. Previously list views were private or shared with all; now you can share with roles, roles and subordinates or public groups.


Assign new owners to cases, leads and custom objects

Another Classic feature now available in Lightning, the ability to mass reassign new owners to cases, leads and custom objects. This was a real issue for Lightning users so I am glad to see it finally made available.


Add embedded images to case emails in Lightning 

Sometimes the little things make a huge difference.


Customise display density

 There are now two density UI settings available; comfy or compact. Compact is the new addition which allows you to see more data onscreen by reducing white space.


Add task reminders to quick action

 I almost solely use quick actions to create tasks and have found it infuriating that you could not add task reminders in the quick action. This is a godsend for me.


Customisable navigation menu, tab titles and icons for Lightning console

 You can now add and rearrange items on your navigation menu, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. While I love this feature, I am still hanging out for default list views to become available in the console APP (upvote the idea here if you agree).


Close all tabs keyboard shortcut 

Do you use the console app and forget to close your tabs as you go? All you have to do is click shift w, and all unpinned tabs will close. Nice.


Capture feedback 

Finding it hard to keep users in Lightning? You can now collect feedback about why they are switching back to Classic, which can be posted to a chatter group. If you can address the issues you’re users are facing, you could consider preventing users from switching to Classic altogether (another Winter 19 feature).


If you’re not on Lightning yet, I recommend getting on board. Salesforce has updated the Lightning readiness report again, to help you quickly understand potential problems you may face when making the switch.

Check out the full release notes here because there are SO many more features not mentioned here. What are your highlight features?


Written by Tara Ogle, Salesforce Functional Consultant at LavaBox