We develop tailored online marketing campaigns that deliver a flow of qualified leads to your sales team.

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1Lead Flow Products

First, we develop an online marketing strategy to ensure that your target customers discover you as they search, surf and socialise online. And, most importantly, that they take action once they hit your website.

To achieve this, we use a proven mix of digital marketing tools:


Google AdWords

The ads on Google's search results put you right in front of your customers exactly when they need you.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We optimise your website to respond to specific search terms - helping you to outrank your competitors on Google's front page.


Email Marketing

We put your contact database to work to drive direct-response with offers or promotions. Or to simply stay top-of-mind with your contacts.


Web Plus

We create a stunning website that gets the leads flowing! Every page is written, designed and structured to build trust and drive enquiries.


Conversion Pages

Why drive people to your home page when you can take them directly to what they're looking for with a single click? We create sales-driven web pages for key aspects of your business that convert clicks into leads – fast.


Google Display Network

We get your banner ads up on the websites your target customers are surfing. Google's partner sites reach over 80% of internet users every day, delivering cost-effective website traffic and targeted brand-building.


Google Remarketing

We create banner ads that follow each visitor after they leave your website and surf the web. Remarketing brings people back to your site for another chance to convert.


Social Media

We develop a Facebook strategy to expand and engage your contact base using competitions, content marketing and Facebook advertising.

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2Flow Optimiser Products

Once the leads are flowing, the analytical work begins. We track every
marketing dollar you spend and every lead you receive. Then we analyse
the results, report back and optimise your Lead Flow every month.

Here's how we do it:


Phone Tracking

We track and record every phone call generated from your Lead Flow campaign. Unique tracking numbers tell us which marketing channel generated the call and whether they became a customer.


Monthly ROI Reporting

It's all about return on investment. Every month we give you a breakdown on every dollar you spent, and every lead it generated.


Split Testing

We test multiple versions of the same web page to find out which proposition and page layout works best to convert clicks into hot leads - it's how we ensure we've got the perfect page working for you.


Optimisation and Budget Reallocation

Every month, we gain solid insights into which marketing channels, keywords, and pages are delivering you the best ROI. We then shift your advertising budget into the areas that are delivering the best results.


Why LavaBox? Eight reasons to work with us:

1We really get to know your business

Understanding your business, aspirations, and market is vital. Only then can we create digital advertising campaigns that connect with your target customers and clearly communicate your value proposition.

2We're the lead generation experts

Everything we do is about generating quality sales leads. A dramatic increase in leads results in genuine business transformation. And that's something we get excited about.

3We treat your advertising dollar as if it were our own

If your advertising doesn't work, it's money straight off your bottom line. That's why we only propose a marketing strategy that's backed by solid market data.

4We've got the talent and expertise

Executing an effective digital advertising campaign requires a mix of skills. Our talented team of digital marketing specialists provides everything from online marketing strategy, through to design, copywriting, development, and campaign analysis – everything it takes to deliver maximum results.

5End-to-end approach

Online advertising is about more than just getting people to your website. It's about what they do after they get there. Do they pick up the phone? Fill out the enquiry form? Or hit the back button? We ensure that your visitors take the actions that drive your business.

6We measure what matters

Advertising has one primary function; to generate exceptional return on investment. That's why we measure every click, phone call, and online enquiry to ensure every digital advertising dollar you spend is working to bring you more business.

7We don't put our feet up

A good campaign can always be better. We actively optimise your campaigns while constantly looking for new lead generation opportunities to grow your business online.

8We work with businesses like yours

We’re a digital advertising agency that works with small aspirational business right through to medium-sized enterprises. We can tailor a campaign to achieve your goals whether you're targeting a local, national, or global market.

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