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Email Marketing

Put your contact database to work.

You've put a lot of effort into building your contact database, now it's time to put it to work with an effective email marketing strategy.

We use two approaches to generate more revenue from your database:

  • Direct response strategy: generate hot leads with a specific offer or promotion
  • Top of mind strategy: develop deeper customer relationships by providing expertise, knowledge, and resources

Direct Response Strategy:

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It all starts with the offer. We work with you to develop an offer that will be of real interest to your database.


The offer is then communicated effectively through every step of the email conversion process. The email subject line is used to generate interest and maximise the email open rate. The email is crafted with persuasive copy which encourages people to click through to find out more on the website. Finally, the conversion page on the website is written, designed and structured to convert clicks into actions.


We track the metrics that matter; the email open rate, website click-through rate and, of course, every online enquiry and phone call generated directly from the campaign. Then we deliver it all in an easy-to-understand report.

Top of mind strategy:

top_icon1.png top_icon1_small.png

We help you develop content that's of interest and value to your contact base. This may include industry updates, relevant case studies, new services or educational resources. By demonstrating expertise within your field, you become a trusted first port of call.

Bring us your business challenges. 
We'll craft the solution.