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Google AdWords

Reach your customers exactly when they need you most.

Google AdWords instantly puts you in the prime click zone on Google’s front page. Potential customers needn't search to find you – you come to them, driving immediate leads and sales.

Here's how we get an AdWords strategy working for your business:


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First, we get a real understanding of your business; what you do, where your customers come from and what they're looking for. Then we create an AdWords campaign strategy that generates highly-targeted traffic and an economical cost-per-click.


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Getting a great return on investment with AdWords is all about what happens after people click through to your site. Do they take things further, or hit the back button? We increase the odds by ensuring that the page people arrive on is specifically written, designed, and structured to convert visitors into leads and sales.


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We don't just track clicks, we track actions. By constantly measuring what people do after they hit your page (every phone call, form submission, or email enquiry) we can accurately measure your return on investment. Then we package up all the information for you in an easy to understand report.

Ongoing partnership

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Once your campaign goes live, the analytical work starts. We begin adjusting your keywords and bid prices to ensure you're getting more leads and sales, and paying less for them.

How? By investing more in keywords that are generating you business, and less on the ones that aren't. We also have regular review meetings with you to discuss your campaign strategy and performance.

Bring us your business challenges. 
We'll craft the solution.