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Online Video Production

Online video is a powerful persuasive tool that engages website visitors and drives them to act.

When visitors arrive at your website, they need to know what you do and why they should use you - fast. A well-crafted promotional video on your home page is one of the most effective ways to increase your website's conversion rate.

Put simply, an online video makes your website work a whole lot harder by:

  • Keeping visitors on the site by dynamically explaining your value proposition
  • Giving your website a more "human" feel with real people telling your story
  • Making sure your visitors get the information they need to ensure they take action

How it works:

Visitor analysis

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We begin by examining your target market, and their head-space when they arrive on your site. Who are they likely to be? What problem are they trying to solve? What are their potential concerns and how do we overcome them? What will motivate them to act?

Script and storyboard

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Next, we craft a script and storyboard that speaks directly to the target market - answering their key questions, building trust and credibility, and driving them to take the next action step.

Online Video Production

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Finally, we produce the video. Filming typically takes place on-site and involves a mix of business owners, team members, clients or actors. Once we've got the footage we need, we then piece together the final product in our editing suite. This can range from simple cuts and imagery right through to motion graphics.

Bring us your business challenges. 
We'll craft the solution.