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Social Media

We use Facebook's smart targeting tools to zero in on your ideal customers.

Facebook knows a lot about its users. How old they are, male or female, geographic location. But most importantly, what they do for a living and what they're interested in.

We use three tools to connect with your target market as they socialise:

Facebook page setup

facebook page setup facebook page setup

A Facebook page forms the social hub of your business. Prospective customers get to know you before doing business with you. Existing customer advocates who “like” you get an authentic two-way communication channel. We design and construct your page to best practice standards so you’re set up for success.

Facebook advertising

facebook advertising

We design ads to reach your market on Facebook. These ads may be geared to increase page likes, promote important page posts, or drive actions on your website. Of course, we track and report on all the key metrics to gauge ROI.

Facebook competitions

facebook advertising

We help you craft an offer or promotion that will socially resonate with your ideal customers. Facebook competitions are a great way to expand your database with competition entry capturing page likes and email addresses.

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