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Pardot is B2B marketing
automation by Salesforce.

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Pardot allows you to:


Align marketing and sales

Every prospect interaction with a web page, email or social post is tracked, scored and graded. Only leads that are ready to be contacted filter through to sales.


Give marketing power to
your sales team

It’s easy for deals to die over a long sales cycle. Pardot allows salespeople to put prospects onto relevant nurturing campaigns, educating and influencing stakeholders as they go through their decision-making process.


Supercharge database

Forget generic email blasts. Pardot allows marketers to easily segment prospects based on actions or CRM criteria.


Craft your customer journey

Automated one-to-one content journeys enhance your customer's experience at every phase in the lifecycle; from lead generation and nurturing, through to solution selection, onboarding and account service.


Create beautiful emails, landing pages and forms

Marketers have everything they need within one easy-to-use tool, working efficiently to deliver and deploy the right content to the right people at the right time.


Close the loop on ROI reporting

Pardot integrates with Salesforce and popular digital marketing platforms to track prospects from first touch point to deal closed, giving you each campaign’s true ROI.

If your team doesn’t have the full range of capability to develop, implement and optimise a successful marketing automation strategy, LavaBox can help you:


Develop a winning

We look at your customer’s journey through the lens of marketing automation. Then we create experiences that nurture leads, drive sales, improve adoption and reduce churn.


Manage your

Your marketing automation strategy should be constantly evolving. We can help you analyse and optimise your existing campaigns, create regular content, and identify opportunities to grow your business using Pardot.


Implement Pardot

If you don’t have CRM admin or marketing automation expertise in house, we can help your team get Pardot set up to best-practice.


Train your team

Whether your team are new to Pardot or you’ve had your Pardot expert move on, we can facilitate training to get your team up to speed.


Create content
that connects

We can craft the email templates, landing pages, infographics, whitepapers, blog posts and one-to-one communication that accompany your customer journey.

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