How to pull off a CRM project, step by step

Ready to get CRM delivering in your organisation? This guide covers the end-to-end CRM evaluation, implementation & continuous improvement process.


With over 50 pages of actionable insights, you'll learn how to:

    • Back the right CRM platform

    • Define your priorities
    • Assemble your project team
    • Select the ideal CRM
    • Assess potential consulting partners
  • Design the system to empower your team

    • Implement the system
    • Engage and train your team
  • Commit to continuous improvement

    • Manage the iteration cycle
    • Clarify your road map

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About the Author

Justin Lanigan

Justin is the Managing Director of LavaBox, a Business & Technology Consultancy that helps make digital transformation a reality for aspirational organisations. LavaBox works alongside clients to create strategic clarity, build digital-era capabilities, optimise business processes, empower users, deliver engaging customer experiences, get data flowing and unleash innovation.