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Francis Outwin

Salesforce Technical Lead

Francis is a rare breed: a Salesforce consultant who can read and write code, lead a team of developers and help clients improve their business processes. His serendipitous journey to join LavaBox began many years ago on a big night out in Auckland. He picked up one of the LavaBox founder's wallets off the dance floor, tracked him down to return it, and they kept in touch. It took 5 years for him to finally see the light and join the team.

Francis began his career as a website developer, before moving into custom app development as a project lead at Applicable. Here he gained experience guiding agile development teams to deliver complex, integrated custom applications.

The Salesforce toolkit has given him the ability to develop systems faster and smoother, and he's taken to the platform like a duck to water.

With a natural grasp of UX principles and business process, Francis is great at getting to the heart of the commercial objectives of a software project and translating these into developer-speak. His ability to make it all come together is unparalleled and he's frequently leveraged by our team when they've hit a wall on a project. Somehow he always manages to break through it.

Francis is an ethical guy and is a dedicated vegan, except on Friday team lunches, when he lets loose and has a slice of cheese on his salad.

0800 528 2269