Glyn Davis

Senior Consultant

Glyn is an experienced business improvement consultant. He’s designed, digitised and optimised processes across a broad range of industries and business functions. From customer service to consulting, from process improvement to procurement, from BA to BI - chances are, Glyn has been there, improved that.

Over recent years, Glyn has focused on Salesforce as his preferred technology platform to implement positive organisational change. The move to LavaBox’s Transformation Squad has provided Glyn with the opportunity to work within a highly-experienced team of Salesforce experts, elevating his platform knowledge through osmosis.

Glyn has an uncanny ability to bend his mind towards any new project or challenge. Glyn’s breadth of business and technology experience enables him to add value to our clients’ projects across the entire software development lifecycle, from workshopping and process mapping, through to implementation, training and change management.

On the weekend, Glyn can be found tending to slow-cooked meats and concocting wicked chilli sauces, whilst mixing some tunes for the oft-held Davis family disco.

Aditi Dahiya