Raigo Raamat

Salesforce Product Owner

Raigo has been living and breathing software projects for the last 20 years. He began his career
with his hands on the keys as a developer, before stepping into Agile Project and Product
Management roles. From large enterprise system integration projects, to innovative software
startups and (almost) everything in between, Raigo has delivered customer-centric solutions
across the spectrum.

As a Salesforce Product Owner at LavaBox, Raigo's diverse experience provides huge benefits
to our clients. He has a unique ability to translate big picture business strategy into prioritised
tasks for development teams, ensuring our solutions deliver strong business value.

Raigo is a true believer in the power of Agile principles. He injects these into his engagements
by creating a cohesive working rhythm that continuously improves our clients' Salesforce
solutions, one release at a time.

Whether it's leveraging technology to make a positive social impact, helping employees to
improve how they work, or enhancing the experience of customers, Raigo thrives when he sees
the results of his work impacting the lives of people for the better. This is where his passion lies.

When Raigo isn't applying Agile principles to Salesforce, he's applying them to parenting (it's all
about continuous improvement, right?!).

Raigo Raamat