Yana Valiyeva

Marketing Cloud Consultant

Yana has an insane ability to navigate her way through complex technical problems.

Yana is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant with an insane ability to navigate her way through complex problems (likely stemming from her secret passion for mathematics). The word ‘impossible’ does not enter her vocabulary often. Whether using clicks or code, if there’s a way to get an outcome, she’ll find it.

Yana has worked with Salesforce marketing products for over 5 years, and holds 3 Marketing Cloud certifications: Email Specialist, Developer and Consultant. She’s worked in both customer and consultant roles in industries spanning B2B and B2C, including Financial Services, Nonprofit, Consumer Goods and Real Estate.

Clients and colleagues love working with Yana because she’s as helpful as she is technically skilled. If there’s a problem to be solved, she’s ready to dive in and figure it out.

When she’s creating technical solutions, Yana is creating music as lead singer of the aptly named ‘Yana Project.’

Yana Valiyeva