What is Lightning?

Lightning has been available since 2015. It’s more than just a fresh interface. It’s a totally different way of working in Salesforce, with a huge range of features including:


& Dashboards

Enhanced tools for
data visualization


Kanban View

A new way to view records
that keeps projects and
pipelines on track


Productivity tools

Sales Path, Utility Bar,
Favourite Pages
and more


Powerful process

Drive productivity
with Macros &
Lightning Flow



Salesforce's powerful
new custom
development framework

Most importantly, all of Salesforce’s new innovations are now only released in Lightning.
If you’re not on Lightning, you’ll be stuck in 2015 forever!

What do we need to do?

Transitioning to Lightning has huge benefits, but it requires a well-executed migration
to ensure your system is configured to make the most of new features and align with
the user interface.


Contact us for a complimentary Lightning Migration Plan, including:

30 min

First, we understand
how Salesforce
supports your
business’s structure
and processes.

readiness report

Next, we run the
assessment and analyse
the results.

1 Hour
environment review

Finally, we look
under the hood to
dive deeper into
identified elements
that affect the
transition approach.

Tailored migration
plan and quote

We provide you with
a clear way forward
to get on Lightning!

Lightning is coming. Let's make a plan

Give us a call on 0800 528 2269 or leave your details below and one
of our Salesforce Consultants will be in touch Lightning fast!

What happens if we do nothing?

If you don’t act, your users will login and be met with a system that looks and functions
differently, where things aren’t where they used to be. This can adversely impact
productivity and disengage your team. There are options to put the transition on hold,
but this still needs to be set up in your system.