We support your end-to-end
digital transformation
programme, from strategy
to execution.

Forward-thinking organisations see digital transformation as critical to their ability to compete, innovate and thrive. But translating digital aspirations into operational realities isn’t easy: a staggering 70% of transformation programmes fail to meet their objectives.* (McKinsey)

If your organisation is ready to chart a course into your digital-first future, LavaBox can work alongside you to build:

Strategic Clarity

By aligning your programme’s vision, strategic objectives, project road map and success metrics

Digital Era Capabilities

That combine people, processes and technology in ways that enable you to succeed in the digital economy

Customer Value Innovation

By harnessing the power of digital to fundamentally change the way you deliver value to your customers

Confidence to Invest

Based on quantifiable business benefits that resonate with your programme’s stakeholders

The LavaBox Connected Transformation Framework

Our framework creates and connects the elements of a successful
transformation programme. 


Framework Overview

Our framework is modular and flexible, enabling us to tailor a programme
that supports your aspirations and complements your internal skill set.

In 5 years time, how will technology have changed your industry's competitive landscape? How will your programme prepare your organisation to compete, innovate and thrive in this new environment? Programme alignment helps answer these important questions at the outset.

You can only step from where you stand. We develop a shared understanding, not only of your current operating model, but also of the problems that the programme is actually attempting to solve.

We target the capabilities (people, processes and technology) that need to be invested in to realise your vision. Then we validate them against the quantifiable benefits that will be delivered back to the business.

We design and visualise your target operating model by mapping out new business processes, customer journeys and enterprise architecture, configuring your organisation to compete in a digital-first world. 

Navigating the programme towards it’s vision requires a commitment to good governance. LavaBox can take on an advisory role, supporting your programme team to make smart prioritisation decisions, remove barriers, mitigate risks, demonstrate value and drive continuous design iteration.

Translating your target operating model from design blueprints into embedded business capabilities requires an array of disciplines. LavaBox works alongside your project teams, providing the strategic, technical and management capabilities needed to bring each component of the programme to life. 

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