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Aparna likes to solve problems - the more complex the better. She’s solved plenty over her 12 year Salesforce career. Salesforce has taken her from India to New Zealand, from innovative SaaS companies to large global enterprises, and from an aspiring software developer to LavaBox’s Principal Salesforce Architect.

From a technical perspective, Aparna covers an expanse of the Salesforce platform. What makes her uniquely-suited to LavaBox, is an understanding how to apply the power of the platform to different industries and sizes of organisation. Designing solutions that deliver value is what she’s all about.

Aparna is not only here to make our clients technology better, but to make LavaBox consultants better as well. She’s at home around a whiteboard, asking good questions, exploring alternatives and helping our consultants to do their best work. She’s also still a developer at heart, always keen to get her head in the code and her hands on the keys.

Aparna is committed to continuous professional development, and has aspirations to become a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA). We have every confidence she can do it.

When Aparna’s not solving problems on the Salesforce platform, she’s playing puzzle games on her phone. Must. Keep. Solving. Problems.