Our expertise and Salesforce’s technology come together to
deliver systems that lay strong foundations for growth. We don’t just implement
new technology. We transform the way you run your business.

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Getting Salesforce right requires a unique blend of skills. Our consultants bring capability across solution architecture, business process improvement, technical execution and change management to ensure your project delivers strong commercial wins.

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Continuous Improvement

Whether you're looking to extend the capability of your existing environment, or to entrust the administration your system to a team of specialists, LavaBox can help you drive further value from your Salesforce investment.



Marketing Automation

Our dedicated digital team craft experiences that engage your customers through each stage of their journey, from lead generation and nurturing, through to solution selection, onboarding and cross-selling.


Client success: Tic Co

“We found our deliverables were improving day on day. We were able to turn jobs around faster. We were able to be more consistent. We were able to start thinking about new digital offerings we could bring to our customers.

Alice Tregunna
Tic Co

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01 January, 2021
Company Updates
When Covid-19 caused New Zealand to go into lockdown in early 2020, Kitchen Mania leveraged the Salesforce platform to rapidly adapt.
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01 December, 2020
Company Updates
Pardot delivered an end-to-end journey that transitioned St John supporters to lower-cost digital channels while delivering a more efficient and engaging member experience.
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01 November, 2020
Company Updates
LavaBox worked alongside The Tic Co to implement an operational backbone that streamlined and automated their end-to-end delivery process.
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