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Wealth management

Wealth management



Whether you’re a mortgage broker, finance company or building society, we get you set up for a compliant, digital-first lending experience, with:

Digital application processes automation

With paper or PDF forms digitised, flowing into a streamlined application process and all associated data and communication stored in a single view.  

Loan management system integration

Connecting with leading industry software platforms to ensure loan and transaction data flow seamlessly.

Compliant relationship management

With a clear view of every loan, asset, transaction and interaction stored against the customer record, ensuring FSLAA regulations are met.

Customer onboarding

Aligning processes, documentation and touch points to deliver a professional, consistent and AML compliant onboarding experience. 

Personalised lifecycle communication

Delivering 1-1 journeys that help onboard, upsell and cross sell over email, SMS, social and digital advertising channels. 

Online portals

Increase engagement by opening up Salesforce data to customers so they can self serve, understand their financial position and apply for additional services. 

Exceptional customer service

With a platform that helps your brand deliver outstanding service on any channel. 

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We deliver an integrated, 360 degree view of every policy holder, giving brokers, service reps and marketers the foundation they need to differentiate on client experience, with:

Application process automation

With digital forms flowing into Salesforce, triggering customer communication based on application progression and outcomes from underwriting.

A 360 degree customer view

Providing data needed for customer service to communicate with clarity and context while ensuring compliance with FSLAA legislation.

System integration

With customer engagement being handled within Salesforce, underwriting and policy origination managed within your existing application, and data flowing between the two.

Automated, personalised communication

That supports processes for AML compliant customer onboarding, renewals and retention.

Customer portals

Opening up CRM data to customers so they can self serve, view their policy information and submit claims.

Customer service differentiation

Enabling customers to access support over email, phone, web form, live chat or self serve.

Appointment scheduling

Leveraging Salesforce's Lightning Scheduler to make it easy for clients and brokers to connect.

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We empower advisers to provide stronger levels of client service at every stage of the life cycle, all while remaining compliant with New Zealand's FSLAA and AML legislation, with:

A single client view

With a 360 degree view into relationships, assets under management, transactions, advisor interactions and life events.

Investment planning

With the ability to design tailored strategies and to track progress against financial goals.

Client experience design

With automated marketing journeys and processes for client acquisition, AML compliant-onboarding, account reviews and retention.

Document generation

Converting paper forms to digital, reducing friction with pre-filled form fields, electronic signature and audit trails.

System integration

With data flowing seamlessly between CRM and leading investment management software.

Appointment scheduling

Leveraging Salesforce's Lightning Scheduler to make it easy for clients and advisers to connect.

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Are you on a mission to disrupt the industry? We leverage the power of the Salesforce platform to help you rapidly scale your marketing, sales, service and delivery processes with:

Core CRM implementation

Designing the customer acquisition process for both transactional and complex sales cycles.

Marketing and sales alignment

Leveraging Marketing Cloud and Pardot to deliver the right message at the right time in the life cycle, from free trial education, through to onboarding, upsell and cross sell.

Exceptional service at scale

With a robust helpdesk architecture encompassing omni-channel case management, self service, live chat and telephony integration.


Breaking down data silos between your core product platform, Salesforce and your other critical business systems.

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  • Pie Funds
  • Bayleys
  • Baycorp
  • Built In
  • Tic

Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud harnesses the power of the Salesforce platform to deliver tailored industry solutions. With industry-specific data models and functionality, Financial Services Cloud is designed to meet the needs of firms that are committed to differentiating on client experience.

Financial Services Cloud

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