Why Advertise Online?

Because it's where your customers are.

66% of Kiwis will search for a product or service online this week. Every year people spend less time consuming traditional media and more time searching, surfing, and socialising online.

Your customers have moved online.
It's time your advertising did.

Online advertising is:



Gone are the days of shouting your message at everybody (and paying mega-bucks for the privilege). Online advertising enables you to spend your advertising dollar smarter – but first you need people with the skills to make the most of it. At LavaBox we know what search terms your target customers are using, what websites they're visiting, and how to reach them whether they're on a desktop, smartphone or a tablet.



Forget the generic one-size-fits-all advertising approach. Online advertising allows us to segment your products or services and to design targeted ads and web pages for each aspect of your NZ business. This delivers total continuity from the ad, to the page people visit, to the action they take when they're there.



Traditional advertising interrupts your audience while they're doing something else, so it's easily tuned-out, or turned off. Online is different. Someone is actually searching for what you can give them at that exact moment. Or they're surfing the internet, just one click away from your website. Your audience can find out exactly what they need to know before phoning or enquiring online.



Every year you can spend thousands of dollars on traditional advertising without knowing exactly what's working, and what isn't. Online advertising provides total accountability, allowing us to track every page impression, search query, click, phone call, and online enquiry. This enables you to invest in advertising with total confidence.

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