Russell Bradshaw

Salesforce Functional Consultant

Russell’s professional career began in corporate lending, where he cultivated skills in financial analysis, risk assessment, and relationship management. Eventually, his desire to see his work make a meaningful impact pulled him towards the Nonprofit sector. Russell spent the next five years working with a leading Aotearoa Nonprofit, where he managed their diverse fundraising programme and led a successful Salesforce implementation.

Now, as a member of the LavaBox team, Russell brings this wealth of experience to our clients. His ability to understand both the corporate and non-profit worlds enables him to craft Salesforce solutions that align with industry-specific goals and use cases. This enables organisations to focus on what truly matters - advancing their mission and making a positive impact in their communities.

Outside of work, his passion for astrophotography and alpine hiking fuels his curiosity and creativity. When Russell has more time up his sleeve, you'll find him embarking on off-the-beaten-track adventures, exploring the world and capturing its wonders through his camera lens. These experiences enrich his perspective, infusing creativity and innovation into his approach to problem-solving.

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