Salesforce Summer ‘19 Release Review, by Dalize Van Eeden

22 July, 2019


The new Summer’19 release has hit your Salesforce environment. To help consulting partners like LavaBox get across all the new features, Salesforce’s New Zealand Solution Architects ran a session to take us through the highlights. Now we’re ready to share these with you. 


Condensed Record View Option

Are you a bit hesitant to transition to Lightning because you are unsure of how your users will adapt to the new look and feel? Don't worry, Salesforce has created a condensed view that’s more reminiscent of Classic, which allows you to view more records on the page. 


Related List Enhancements

Salesforce now allows you to get more out of your related lists by allowing you to have up to 10 columns. You can sort, resize, take mass action or even wrap text from a related list.


In-App Guidance

With In-App Guidance you can now help your users get up and running in Lightning by creating custom in-app prompts. These teach users new skills and best practices while providing stats on how users have interacted with your prompts.


Add Images To An Email

Awesome win!


Add Opportunity Contact Roles More Efficiently

Tired of searching for contacts to create Opportunity contact roles? You can now easily add roles from within the Opportunity.


Merge Case Functionality

WOW! This is a really handy feature. You can now easily merge up to 3 cases into 1. You can also select which information you want to merge as well as which case you want to keep as the master. No more duplicate cases!


Define Hyperlink Colors

Expand on your company’s theming and branding by defining a hyperlink colour. 

Access full desktop version of Lightning Experience from Safari on Ipad Devices

Send Survey Invites for Free

This was previously a paid feature. You can now send and receive up to  300 surveys and responses for free.


If you would like to find out more on the Summer’19 Release, check the full release notes here.


Written by Dalize Van Eeden, Salesforce Functional Consultant at LavaBox