Lean strategies and best practices to get the most out of your CRM investment.

08 June, 2017 | Salesforce
Pedersens came to LavaBox to create an automated sales and marketing engine. We leveraged Sales Cloud & Pardot to create an engaging user and customer experience across both the mortgage and property management sides of their business. A great example of Salesforce working in the financial services vertical.
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26 July, 2016 | Salesforce
We hear a lot about “big data” - large sets of customer information that can be analysed and leveraged to help organisations sell more effectively. It seems a foregone conclusion that this kind of data analytics is only for the big players. But any B2B company, no matter how large or small has potential customer insights locked in their disconnected Salesforce CRM, Accounting and ERP systems. So how do smaller organisations connect the dots between customer purchasing data and sales activity?
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01 June, 2016 | Salesforce
Deciding which Salesforce Lightning edition to run with is a big decision. Your edition affects more than your organisation's monthly license costs and the features you have access to. It impacts the entire architecture of your system. That is, how your business's processes are brought to life on the Salesforce platform.
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06 May, 2016 | Salesforce
You need a document signed. Maybe it's a contract. A disclosure statement. It could be anything. You attach it to an email and send it to your client. Your client prints it out and completes it. They sign it, scan it, attach it to an email and send it back. You print it and give it to your admin team. They double enter the data back into your system and file it. What a horrendous waste of time.
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05 February, 2016 | Salesforce
It's easy for a CRM to become an expensive cloud-rolodex. CRM systems only deliver on their transformational potential when everyone from CEO to the sales floor are actually using the system in the right way. Below are the keys to getting everyone on the CRM bus from the outset:
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01 September, 2015 | Salesforce
Think about everything that happens to your customer over their lifecycle with your company. The customer journey from first touch point through to brand advocate is a chasm of complexity covering...
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