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John has lived and breathed Salesforce CRM since 2010. He goes to bed at night dreaming of workflows, approval processes, and custom dashboards. Then he wakes up and applies his great mind to unleashing efficiency and effectiveness throughout our clients' business processes.

John is a certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant, Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Platform App Builder, Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant. Before falling in love with Salesforce, John studied psychology and media at the University of Auckland and received a Bachelor of Arts and a Post Graduate Diploma of Arts with a focus of Business Psychology. He then went on to a Graduate Diploma of Business with a focus of advertising at AUT.

Never one to take the conventional route, John began his first business, U-Turn Internet straight out of University. From there, he teamed up with his best friend and LavaBox co founder Justin Lanigan with their first venture, 123 Online.

123 Online would go on to produce over 2,000 websites and digital marketing projects for small kiwi businesses over the next 8 years. You can't do that kind of project volume without exceptional sales, marketing, service delivery, support and accounts processes. John built the entire business system on a single platform - Salesforce.

John's business (versus software) background allows him to attack Salesforce in a way that works in the real world, driving commercial outcomes and empowering system users.

John believes in maximum output from minimum input. He sees Salesforce as the vehicle to take medium enterprises to the cloud, allowing them to sell, market and serve their clients on a single customer-centric platform.

When he's not at work, John talks about Salesforce to his wife, Jill. She doesn't get it.