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Trent is a dedicated digital marketer who gets the most out of every campaign he touches.

With over 5 years experience executing online lead generation for for service brands, Trent consistently delivers digital strategies that make our clients' phones ring off the hook.

Trent has a knack for getting heart of a business's value proposition and communicating it at every point in the conversion process, turning clicks into measurable actions.

Clients love working with Trent because of his relentless determination to continually improve their campaigns. He's also a really nice guy.

In the world of digital marketing, what works today is old news tomorrow. Passionate about evolving digital trends, Trent continues to amass industry and technical certifications and experiment with new marketing platforms and techniques.

When he's not analysing conversion data or briefing creatives, Trent can be found riding fast on his motorbike, or snowboard, or mountain bike. Or doing just the opposite - standing still in the outfield waiting for a cricket ball to come his way.

0800 528 2269 x 5
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