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Conversion Pages

Your online advertising ROI comes down to one thing: what happens after the click?

Every year, you spend thousands to get people clicking through to your website. To get the best ROI the page they arrive on must:

  • Directly relate to the ad or search result they clicked on
  • Clearly communicate a specific value proposition
  • Answer the visitors' key questions in the order they ask them
  • Lead the visitor to take action and get in touch

So how do we convert clicks into sales leads?

We don't send people to the home page

Many people assume that all online advertising should lead to their home page. In reality, visitors are not interested in everything you offer. They're after something specific based on their individual needs. A general home page typically doesn't give each visitor the unique information they need to take action. This can have a disastrous effect on your conversion rate (the percentage of visitors that take action rather than hitting the back button).

We get specific

We work with you to segment your products, services, and the markets you target. Then we create an online marketing strategy to get in front of each individual group as they surf, search, and socialise online.

We isolate them

We send each group to an isolated conversion page (rather than your home page). A conversion page is a single page within your site that communicates the core value proposition of a specific aspect of your business. It doesn't link anywhere else, simply giving visitors the option of picking up the phone, or filling in the online enquiry form.

We achieve a 100% - 200% conversion increase

By sending your visitors to an isolated conversion page, we typically achieve two to three times the leads for the same investment, simply by creating total continuity from the ad people click on, to the page they go to, to the action they take.

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